Power up your fitness brand with an all-in-one management software.

When it comes to managing a fitness studio – or several – Zenoti has all the functionality you need with none of the headaches. We help you seamlessly manage operations, creating a smoother experience for customers and instructors. Our fitness software's extensive features and branding capabilities allow you to deliver a personal and modern guest experience.

Communication and Information are Just a Click Away.

Touch base with customers regularly and manage schedules with ease. Zenoti’s cloud-based fitness and gym software solutions give your customers more ways to connect and your staff easy access to important information.
Put booking and payment at your customers’ fingertips with mobile and online options.
Front desk kiosks or iPads make check-in a breeze.
Members can easily track classes and payments.
Integrated messaging lets you contact members between classes with that extra nudge of encouragement.
Full instructor substitution workflow will allow instructors to request a substitution and fill class slots.
Keep on top of class schedules and manage member accounts easily with gym membership software.
Stay top-of-mind and encourage better attendance with automated email and text messaging.

Attract, convert and engage members.

With Zenoti's gym management software you can market more, boost bookings, improve member retention and grow your bottom line.
Keep drop-in guests from dropping out by offering the right packages and memberships.
Maintain your guests' attention through the sales process with automated messages and push alerts.
Win back guests who didn’t convert with a hyper-personalized message or enticing offer.
Support all membership models, including: one-time payments, recurring monthly dues and class allocations.
Offer your classes on ClassPass to gain more customers through the popular fitness salon platform.

Upgrade Your Operations for Better Growth.

Unite people, departments, operations, and your brand experience with user-friendly solutions from Zenoti's gym management system. Less complexity. More efficiency.
Real-time reporting to make instant – yet informed – decisions.
Customized dashboards and aggregate data help you define goals and track KPIs.
User-friendly functionality at one location or one hundred, no matter your brand size.
Productivity tools and performance management features to give your employees a boost.
Custom workflows and role-based permissions to improve your member experience and uphold brand standards.
Integrated lead and sales management features help you digitally convert guests to members.

Discover Zenoti for Fitness

Zenoti exists to meet the specific needs of your fitness brand.

We’re flexible, customizable and super robust – yet easy to learn and use. Reach your potential with our all-in-one fitness management software.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best gym management software?
The best gym management softwares are those that centralize all business needs into one system. Doing this simplifies processes, ensures cross-location visibility, improves guest convenience and consistency, saves time and money, and delivers real-time, actionable insights into performance across every function.
What is gym management software?
Gym and fitness studio software systems offer functionality that makes operations quicker and easier. These can include a centralized database that stores all business data, such as member profile information and financial records, in one place and ensures consistency across locations. Or it could be creating a receptionless, touch-free experience.
How do you keep track of your gym members?
As a growing business with multiple locations, it can be challenging to stay on top of member details, especially across different teams and studios. An all-in-one management solution makes this easier by storing information in one accessible location. It also provides members with an account in which to store their details and stay connected.
What do gym owners struggle with?
In the highly competitive fitness industry, it’s challenging to drive consistent revenue, fill classes, and retain loyal members. With gym management software, gym owners can easily manage and fill classes, attract and engage members, find efficiencies, and deliver a strong customer experience as a point of differentiation.

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