Use big data to
make smart decisions – automatically.

Your business generates tons of data every day. Extract maximum value from this data with Zenoti's powerful AI and automation tools. Automate routine mundane tasks and take advantage of dynamic marketing for maximum efficiency. Watch customer engagement, employee management and business decisions leverage machine learning for maximum impact.
Smart Marketing

Reach the right customer at the right time.

Zenoti's marketing automation tools analyze customers' preferences then targets them with the most effective message and the most attractive offer. Customers appreciate the personalization which ensures better response rates to your communications.
Predicts demand for coming week
Anticipates empty slots
Targets right customers to fill these slots
Generates most effective offer/message
Sends message at the perfect time

Fill your chairs, not your payroll.

Optimize your capacity and maximize your productivity with our automated scheduling software. AI predicts the precise amount of staff you'll need every week to keep every customer happy, while eliminating any wasteful hiring.
Looks at predicted slots in a week
Analyzes services and customer preferences
Identifies the right providers
Generates optimum schedule

Buy products efficiently, sell products effectively.

Your product sales vary by seasonality, fluctuating demand and changing customer preferences. Zenoti's salon automation tools help you order the right products in the right quantity for maximum sales with minimum inventory costs.
Predicts demand based on seasonality, preferences, etc.
Looks at current stock in each outlet
Chooses the right order quantity and SKUs
Generates the optimum set of POs

We bring you the future today – imagine what we will do tomorrow.

When you buy Zenoti, you don't just buy a product. You buy into the future. We invest heavily in research and development, and constantly innovate to bring you cutting edge marketing automation software. So you can rest assured that you are always ahead of the time.

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